8-Year-Old Destroys Retail Giant's Sexist Clothing With An Epic Rant

This little girl sees the one problem with rigid gender roles that many retail giants choose to ignore.

Tesco, like many clothing retailers, believes that while little boys go on adventures and play in the mud, little girls sit prim and proper in their pink tees. These early gender roles, the 21st-century equivalent of having girls start cooking and cleaning from a young age, go on to perpetuate the notion that girls cannot stay out, have a career, play sports or do any other things boys usually do.

Daisy Edmonds, like many other 8-year-olds, does not conform to a manufactured, predetermined sense of identity. She has her room painted pink and occasionally dons a pink dress. But she is just as comfortable in “boys’ clothing,” and has a blast in activities like raft-building and sailing.

So when Daisy saw the varied clothing at a Tesco in Wiltshire, U.K., she was disappointed to say the least. The little girl eloquently destroyed the rationale behind these clothes, that girls can only be pretty while boys are allowed to be adventurous. Daisy also questioned the need for segregating boys’ and girls’ clothing.

The girl's rant was recorded and uploaded by her mother, Becky.

"She loves exploring and being brave, and there is never anything that says anything like that on girls’ clothes," Becky said. "She thinks they should have unisex clothing. She should be able to choose what she wears. Who are Tesco to tell them what they can and can’t wear?"

While the message resonated with thousands of people on the internet, it also reached the relevant quarters.

A Tesco spokesperson responded, thanked Daisy for her feedback and assured her that "new stocks will be arriving shortly." If they aren't up to snuff, we can all be sure Daisy will have something to say about it. 

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