World's Oldest Man Says Secret To Long Life Is Hot Springs And Sweets

Whether through genes, environment, or eating cake, here is one man whose managed to stay on Earth for over 112 years and counting.

What's the secret to living a long life?

Bathing in hot springs and eating sweets, according to Guinness World Records' newly anointed world's oldest man, Masazo Nonaka. 

The 112-year-old Japanese man received the honor in a small ceremony recently and celebrated with a cake he said was "delicious." 

Nonaka spends his retirement watching sumo wrestling and indulging in tasty cakes. He also likes to hang out with his family and two cats, Kuro and Haru. 

The centenarian's daughter slightly disputed her father's claim that hot springs and sweets are what brought his long life. She said he has lived with very little stress — and that's why he still walks the earth at 112. 

But Nonaka and his daughter may both be a little off in unraveling the great mystery of aging. The deleterious affects of stress may have more to do with how one perceives stress than the actual amount of it. And aging itself may one day prove to be merely an engineering problem: If biological parts can be replaced like a car, we could live forever

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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