If You Ever Wanna Drive Into High Surf Advisory Spot, Watch This Video

Please, for the sake of yourself and those who love you, don't challenge nature. Just don't.

The line between bravery and stupidity is often blurred, but in some instances, the territory of each is clearly defined.

The U.S. National Weather Service set a high surf advisory on Thursday for Eureka, California, with surf heights reaching 27 feet. This basically means that every person understood they needed to stay away from the sea.

But one guy decided to challenge that — with some serious consequences. The unidentified person took his pickup truck fitted with oversized tires and drove to Humboldt Bay North Jetty to indulge in his trucker fantasies.

Local photographer Tyler Whiteside's trained eye spotted a YouTube viral video in the making, and shot the entire episode of a mere mortal trying his luck against nature.

The vehicle was disabled, and the man had to be airlifted by the Coast Guard. The truck is stuck at the jetty until weather clears.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Pixabay, Free-Photos

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