From Flying To Bungee Jumping, Quit The Gym And Try These 7 Workouts

As great of an invention as the treadmill was, it's boring. If you don't like the gym, try out one of these seven unusual (and fun) alternatives to get in shape.

As much as many of us hate to acknowledge it, the CDC (and basically every other source) says that participating in some kind of physical activity will improve your health. Exercise has also been proven to reduce your risk of developing various diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. But aside from all those long–term health benefits, it also gives you an instant energy boost and improves your mood (thanks, endorphins!).   

Then again, if you're part of the “I don’t like the gym,” club or even just the, “I hate to workout,” bunch, you're probably saying research sme-search. But even if you hate exercising, you're probably just not doing it right. By that we mean you think lifting weights, running on treadmills, or riding bikes while someone yells at you is the only workout there is. Start thinking outside the box! There are tons of alternative ways you can get fit and have fun.

For all the gym haters out there, here are seven non-traditional ways to stay in shape that you just might enjoy.

1. Aerial yoga


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The aerial version of yoga incorporates traditional moves ... while resting in a large silk hammock that’s raised off the ground. Not only do you get a killer core workout, you also relieve stress while you maneuver and twist your way into various poses.  

2. Salsa dancing

If you love going out dancing but hate working out, we've got a secret — you've been burning calories all along! It doesn’t matter if you’re a wallflower or a dancing machine, salsa has something to offer everyone. After an hour of salsa's seductive, cardio-packed moves, you'll burn around 600 calories! It's a great workout for couples, and if you’re single, it's not a bad way to find a new partner.

3. Ultimate Frisbee


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This isn't your childhood game of Frisbee. With no refs, the sport is rooted in teamwork and good sportsmanship. As you’re running and passing the Frisbee to one of your teammates down the length of a soccer field, you’ll be burning off calories, while engaging your super-competitive side (we know it's in there). 

4. Barre


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If you’ve ever wanted a ballerina’s body then barre workouts are for you! The ballet-inspired moves use Pilates, yoga, and weight training to reshape your figure and lengthen muscles. This workout uses your entire body, but you will feel the burn especially in your legs, but the tone you’ll see will totally make up for that.

5. Pole dancing


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Forget everything you know about pole dancing in strip clubs. This isn't about the lingerie or heels. The acrobatic, fun workout strengthens and tones by combining pole tricks that involve stretching and suspension with dance moves. The dance portions get your heart pumping, while the tricks you do on the pole strengthen both your upper and lower body, especially your core.

6. Cardio surf


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Indoor surfing classes are the answer if you don’t want to paddle into the ocean (or don't have an ocean nearby), but still want that hot surfer body. As you use your core to imitate real surfing moves you stand on a surfboard that is balanced on three exercise boards. Bursts of cardio are mixed in to burn fat. You’ll define your muscles, improve your balance, and you won’t even need sunblock.

7. Bungee cardio

If you're looking for an adrenaline rush then this class is for you! It works on your strength, adds in cardio, targets your abs ... and you get to fly! Students are measured into their bungees for a perfect fit and then it’s on to jumping jacks, springs, Supermans, and all kinds of crazy push-ups.

Now there's no excuse not to get a workout in — from dancing to flying, you can do it all!

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