Hong Kong’s ‘Space Capsule’ Homes Are Not Much Bigger Than Coffins

The tiny 20 foot capsules come with a television, air conditioning, memory foam and pillow — and blue lighting for an out-of-this-world sensation.

A dozen “space capsule” pods are being rented out as tiny, cramped apartments in western Sai Ying Pun district of Hong Kong.

A space of just 830 square foot might not seem like much, but a woman has successfully turned it into a feasible, albeit cramped, living space for a dozen people.

The leaseholder, identified simply with her surname Wang, is renting out about a dozen, 20 square foot pods for HK$5,100 ($658) a month — an astonishing amount considering the fact that some university students just pay a fraction of the amount for living accommodations.

The listing on a local real estate platform claim each capsule comes with a television, air conditioning, memory foam mattress and a pillow. Wang has said the pods have special blue lighting that makes a person feel he is in space.

A separate kitchen and toilet can be shared among occupants and individuals will have personal lockers.

Wang has also insisted fire proof material has been used in building the pods and they should not pose a safety concern.

The idea for the “space capsules” was borrowed from Japan’s capsule hotels which are popular among travelers who cannot afford high priced hotels.

However, the claustrophobic pods have gained outrage from netizens.

“This is not a space capsule. This is sleeping in a coffin before your death,” said Facebook user Ralf Cheung.

“I would feel a bit confined. It’s like a dog living in a dog house, so…” said a university student who was interviewed.

Another asked “this kind of set up, is it against the law? Does it meet fire safety rules? It’s managing a business which [provides accommodation], doesn’t that need a license?”

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