Here’s How Much Sugar Your Favorite Drinks And Snacks Contain

While a Nutella sandwich might be one of the most tempting snacks to ever exist, a picture proves it could also probably be one of the unhealthiest foods you consume.

You would probably think “What harm could a table spoon full of Nutella cause to my health?”

Well, after seeing this picture you will certainly want to rethink that statement.

What really goes into Nutella


Nutella has come under fire after this photo of the ingredients in the chocolate spread began making rounds on the internet. Interestingly, the ingredients show a large portion of sugar and a sizeable amount of palm oil too, which is known to be “potentially carcinogenic” by the European Food Safety Authority.

However, Ferrero, the parent company of Nutella, has denied these claims stating that the palm oil used in the spread is “healthy and safe.”

Moving on from Nutella, here are some pictures depicting the alarming amounts of sugar that go into our favorite drinks and snacks.

How much sugar is in the food we eat


While we might think a small glass of pre-packed orange juice, or a glass of coke won’t do us much harm, the image above tells a very different story.

Here’s a closer look at the amount of sugar that goes into some of the most popular drinks.

How much sugar are you drinking?
Check out this eye-opening school project showing the amount of sugar in different drinks...


Even though millennials have become much more weight conscious and particular about their physique and fitness as compared to previous generations, it is important that one does not get carried away and indulge in these sugar filled drinks and snacks.

Amount of sugar in popular drinks


As evident from the images, even a small portion of these carbohydrates filled processed foods can take us down a never ending pit of unhealthy eating. 

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