Spring Break For The Rich Is Far More Luxurious Than You Could Imagine

While regular college students spend their break on public beaches, these wealthy young adults hop on their private jets to fly off to exotic locales.

The rich don’t vacation like the rest, that's for sure. Be it an annual family holiday or a few days off college, they spend it so extravagantly that normal folks (or the bottom 99 percent, to be precise) can’t even come close to it even at their best.

With spring break raging, most young adults across the country are either cramming suitcases into the back of a minivan to go off on a road trip with friends or heading to public beaches to relax on the sand, surrounded by hordes of people who had a similar idea.

However, life for the top 1 percent isn’t quite as limiting or banal. They can just hop on their private jet and fly off to distant, exotic locales — the most common of which include Hong Kong and the West Indies  where they play out their time partying on luxurious yachts and socializing at exclusive nightclubs.

For the longest of time, the lives and activities of these wealthy socialites remained nothing but a mystery to the common folk, who save up money all throughout the year just so they can afford one family trip. But thanks to the advent of social media and the well-off’s inherent need for bragging, everyone can now observe the life of these rich kids in all its extravagant glory.

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From thousands of dollars worth of champagne to exotic foods, here’s how the rich kids of Instagram are spending their spring break.


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