How To Beat The Heat Without Any Air Conditioning

With summer in full swing, it may seem like the only way to survive is with an expensive air conditioner. Here are easy DIY tricks to cool down and beat the heat sans AC.

As the year unfolds into summer, it often feels like we're suddenly living inside of a microwave.

Pit stains become our full-time accessories, and blankets and comforters become our worst enemies. The only saving grace seems to be an air conditioner cranked on high.

We're literally and figuratively chilling, that is, until we get our shockingly high electricity bill.

Thankfully, there are easy and cheap DIY tricks to help you beat the heat, aka just survive until fall. Check them out below.

1. Swap your sheets.

Black and white photo of messy bed

Forgo the indulgent luxury of silk sheets in favor of natural fabrics, like cotton, bamboo, or linen. These lightweight, breathable materials don't trap heat the way silk does, instead, allowing ventilation to keep you cool throughout the night. (This logic can also apply to your clothing.)

2. Make a low-tech AC unit.

Kick it old-school by placing a large bowl or container full of ice and cold water right in front of a fan so that the breeze picks up the cold air. Alternatively, you could hang a sheet dampened with cool water in front of a windy open window.

3. Invest in a cooling pillow.

While the cast from "Grease" may love summer nights, your overheating body may beg to differ. Investing in a high-tech cooling pillow, such as the Chillow (which runs at just $25), is a cheaper alternative to an AC unit. 

4. Unplug and turn off.

Unplugging chargers and turning off your computers and other electronics when they're not in use will help cut down on the little sources of heat that surprisingly add up. Additionally, grill more outside to avoid using your stove and oven and turning your home into a bigger oven.

5. Go low.

Heat rises, so upper floors and attics are going to be hotter than your ground floor and basement. Consider hitting the hay downstairs.

6. Adjust your ceiling fan.

Ceiling fan from below

Reverse the blade rotation on your ceiling fan so that it moves in a counterclockwise direction. This way, cold air is pushed down on you.

7. Cool down your bod.

Your body has several pulse points, or places where you can clock your heart rate because your blood vessels are so close to the surface. This includes your neck, wrist, and by your temples. Holding a chilly compress on these spots cools your blood and your body. Just make sure the ice is wrapped.

Bring it on, summertime.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Flickr user David Salahi

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