This Cute Dad And Baby Duo Show How To Clean The House Like A Pro

A dad's guide to how to get your kid to basically do anything around the house. Well, almost anything!

As any new parent will tell you, parenthood in its early stages is all about slaving away, changing diapers and getting your hand in some unpleasant stuff. (The later years are about slaving your entire life away and dealing with your kids' terrible taste in music and fashion.)

But one dad has decided to turn the tables.

YouTuber How To Dad regularly makes fun, adorable videos with his little daughter Alba. Basically, he teaches parents how to get their kids off their butts and do something.

Like riding a bike.

Or how to get them to just sleep, PLEASE.

Now, How To Dad teaches you how to get your baby to wipe each surface of your house clean.

The YouTuber acts on one principle: Kids, being kids, will do everything you ask them to.

With this enlightening instructional video, you too could get your kid to rake the leaves, take the trash out, fold the laundry —everything, except for cleaning the toilets.

His daughter may be 2 but she had to draw the line somewhere.

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