Want To Get Rid Of A Peanut Allergy? Eat More Peanuts

Eat more peanuts as a kid and you may never have to check if your chocolate contains traces of peanuts.


More than ever before, allergieshave now entered the fold of serious diseases. Not only are they sometimes fatal, they are incredibly common. All of us know of one person at least who would never go near peanuts.

One emerging theory claims that people can be immunized against allergies. In a recent study, researchers concluded that early exposure to peanut-based snacks could help cut its risk by 80 percent.

Building on this theory, scientists now claim that such "immunization" is sustainable. It lasts even when peanuts are avoided for more than a year.

The New England Journal Of Medicine observed 550 children who were at a greater risk of peanut allergy because of having developed eczema at a very young age. Children who ate peanut snacks in the first 11 months of their lives were at a lower risk of developing peanut allergies later.

Another interesting conclusion of the study was of self-fulfilling prophecy. Many parents these days steer clear of products that may trigger an allergy. Researchers now assert that this does not allow the body to develop a tolerance mechanism for certain foods and heightens the risk of allergies.

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