Ikea Gives Customers A Look Into What Life Is Like For Syrians

In a bold move, Ikea’s flagship store in Norway created a replica of a Syrian apartment in order to raise charity for the Norwegian Red Cross.

The flagship Ikea store outside Oslo, Norway constructed a model of what a Syrian home looks like to raise money for the Norwegian Red Cross.

In collaboration with Red Cross, Ikea built up a replica of an actual apartment in Jamarana, Syria, a suburb of Damascus, The Independent reported.

Couched between other Ikea rooms showcasing Scandinavian-style homes, the exhibit was titled “25 meters of Syria.” The original apartment in Jamarana belongs to a struggling mother of four children named Rana. 

Maja Folgero, a spokesperson for the Ikea campaign, said in a statement, “We had been working with the Red Cross for months, so we had a lot of footage from Syria. But no matter how emotional it was, nothing got close to the experience of visiting people in a war zone. ”

“We realized we could give Norwegians that experience at Ikea. At the one place where you think of and plan the future – the apartment served as a physical reminder of how lucky we are,” Folgero said.

Indeed, it must be startling for shoppers to experience such a stark environment in contrast to the luxurious lifestyle enjoyed in the west. The life many Syrians have known has been stripped away from them, as many live each day just hoping to see tomorrow. This showroom display is a timely reminder of how blessed those living in peaceful regions truly are. 

Banner photo: YouTube screenshot, Unlimited Awesome Random Video

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