Internet Drags Banana Republic For Sexist Ad

Twitter users lambasted Banana Republic after the fashion brand released a sexist ad on social media highlighting archaic gender roles.

A new Banana Republic ad that went live over Twitter has recently come under fire for being sexist, Teen Vogue reported. 

In the ad, a man and woman are riding a bike in a somewhat unrealistic manner.

"The slimming Sloan pant for her," the tweet read. "The new Rapid Movement Chino for him. Try our perfect-fitting pants for a life in motion." 

To some, the ad insinuates that women should care about their appearances and try to look "slimming," while men's clothing is about their ability and function. Or as one Twitter user put it, "Appearance for her? Action for him?"

Another person called the ad "casual sexism."

Someone else cleverly pointed out, "What if I want a slimming pant and my lady wants to move rapidly?"

Banana Republic did respond with an apology.

"I apologize that you are unhappy with our recent ad," the tweet read. "Please know that your feedback has been forwarded to the marketing team."

Hopefully, future ads will be a little more sensitive to sexist gender roles that already permeate throughout the fashion industry.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Flickr, Mike Mozart

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