J.Crew Sparks Right-Wing Outrage With New Feminist Shirts For Kids

Right-leaning social media users are complaining that the apparel brand J.Crew is trying to force its ideology on children with "I am feminist too" T-shirt.

J.Crew is selling T-shirts for boys that say, “I am a feminist too,” and some right-wing customers of the company say the initiative couldn't be more off-putting.

The company shared the image of the product on its Instagram account over the weekend, prompting countless irate people to lash out at the brand.

Many of them criticized the company for selling shirts with political messages to kids. Others were angry that the company was assigning political ideologies to children. A few had no idea what feminism meant, prompting them to accuse J.Crew of subscribing to an array of odd ideologies.

Thankfully, some social media users got the idea and were outraged that people were upset to begin with.

J.Crew collaborated with political apparel brand Prinkshop to make the shirt. Prinkshop was founded to create apparel for President Barack Obama's first presidential campaign in 2008.

The shirts cost $29.50, and J.Crew will be donating 10 percent of the retail price of every shirt sold to the United Nations organization Girl Up, which uses the money to support girls in developing countries.

Perhaps right-leaning fans of the brand will do well to remember that they can’t try to force their opinion on a privately-run business.

Instead of wasting so much time complaining about how the company runs its business, they might want to consider focusing on fixing their own political brand first — just a thought.

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters/Carlo Allegri 

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