Jessica Alba’s Honest Co. Is Apparently Not So Honest

Jessica Alba’s co-owned company is under fire — yet again — for reportedly delivering not-so-green products.

Jessica Alba Honest

Jessica Alba’s eco-friendly products are apparently not quite delivering what they promised.

The Honest Co. promises to offer the safest, most environmentally friendly products, a claim that has garnered the actress’ co-owned company an estimated $1.7 billion in value. However, lab tests have found that her laundry detergents aren’t as squeaky clean as they seem.

The lab test, commissioned by The Wall Street Journal, showed Honest laundry detergent uses a harsh chemical that the company swore they never use. Sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS is blacklisted in the Honest Free Guarantee in the website and is purported to cause skin irritation and is a possible carcinogenic.

Chemir lab, a division of EAG Inc., said its test for SLS found about the same concentration as Tide, which is made by P&G. “It was not a trace amount,” said Matthew Hynes, a chemist at Chemir who conducted the test.

The company disputes the lab findings and says their own tests did not find any such chemical in the detergent.

"Despite providing The Wall Street Journal with substantial evidence to the contrary, they falsely claimed our laundry detergent contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). To set the record straight, we use Sodium Coco Sulfate (SCS) in our brand's laundry detergent because it is a gentler alternative that is less irritating and safer to use," the company said in a statement to People.

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Honest business is not just run on laundry products but consists of more than 100 products, including cosmetics.


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Last year, the company faced a $5 million lawsuit after customers who used its “natural mineral-based skin protection” lotion — advertised as a safe alternative to sunscreen —posted images of sun-burnt bodies.

The sunscreen, which was marketed as hypoallergenic, also contained synthetic chemical ingredients. The company’s hand-care and toiletries division was also targeted as being “deceptively and misleadingly labeled.”

Honest Co. is now playing the blame-game with its manufacturing partners and suppliers, who in turn say they do not use SLS content in their products.

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