This Is How You Deal With The 5 Most Annoying Coworkers

Unless you're going to be unemployed forever, you can't escape these irritating personalities so you might as well learn how to cope with all the annoying things they do.

When you’re just starting out in the work force, you may change jobs fairly often as you’re trying to find your passion and the right fit for the development of your career as well as keep money in your wallet.

Although the company may change, it's almost a certainty that at any job you will encounter one or all of these five frustrating personalities.

It’s important to know how to coexist with these people because no matter where you work, there’s no escaping them.

The Snitch:

The snitch usually seems meek and quiet at first. They have a friendly demeanor and they make you feel comfortable to talk to and go to lunch with, but this is all a part of their sneaky plan to destroy you.

The snitch wants you to trust them so that if you break any rules or make mistakes in your work you will confide in them and they can run to the boss behind your back and spill it all, making you look incompetent.

Most Annoying Coworkers

 How To Deal: When it comes to the snitch, it’s important to stay on your toes and be aware of what you divulge to them. It’s okay to be friendly and cordial, it’s even okay to share some surface level information about yourself with them but steer clear of getting too comfortable and always watch what you say and do in front of them.

The Slacker:

The slacker is just a flat out lazy cow, to put it plainly. They do just enough not to give the boss a reason to raise an eyebrow but in reality, they are just dumping all of their own work on interns and anyone else who they know will take it without asking any questions. 



How To Deal: The best way to deal with the slacker is to keep an account of the things they’ve dropped the ball on or projects they’ve taken credit for that someone else completed. This way, if and when the boss notices these behaviors and brings the issue to the team you have solid ammunition against the slacker to clear your name. You need this because the slacker won’t hesitate to throw you and others under the bus to keep their own good standing.

The Suck-up:

We’ve been dealing with suck-ups for as long as we can remember whether in our families with siblings or “teacher’s pets” in school. 

All the suck-up cares about is making sure they are in the boss’s good graces. They’re always overly eager to take on tasks and they act like their job is the best thing to ever happen to them and the higher-ups are the best employers they've ever had.

How To Deal: It’s best to just ignore the suck-up. There’s no need to try to one-up them because the battle will be never ending. Let your work speak for itself. Do your job so well that you don’t have to fish for compliments and praises, the higher-ups will just offer them to you because of the great work you’re doing.

** Note: It may be beneficial to befriend the suck-up in some cases, so you can get invited to tag along with them to post-work happy hours and social outings paid for by the company.

The Overachiever:  

The overachiever is similar to the suck-up, but just a bit more irritating. The suck-up spends most of their time chatting up the boss in his office and trying to become “besties,” meanwhile the overachiever is diligently trying to learn the ins-and-outs of the company as well as how to do any and every task that may come their way.

They arrive early and stay late. They always have ideas to contribute in meetings -- even if they are terrible -- they just want to get an A for effort. 

employee issues

How To Deal: The overachiever is another one that you probably can’t beat but shouldn’t try to join. I guarantee everyone is annoyed by the overachiever, including the supervisor.

While it’s a good thing to take initiative and take pride in your work, no one wants you overstepping your boundaries. If you choose to go the extra mile every now and then, it should be because you want to, not just to show off for validation from others.

The Know-it-all:

This uptight, condescending person thinks that they are an expert at both their job and yours. Even though in their minds they know everything, they don’t want to seem like they know everything to others because they want to be liked.

 In an effort not to appear as though they're telling you how to do your job they will offer “tips” or “advice” to sugarcoat the fact that they are, indeed, trying to tell you how to do your job.



How To Deal: Always remain calm and patient when dealing with the know-it-all. They really do mean well, so be kind to them and show gratitude for all of their “help.”

The know-it-all just wants to feel important and it’s really no sweat off your back to stroke their ego a bit because you don’t want to get on the know-it-all’s bad side. There may come a time when you really need their help and if you have made enemies with them they can and will screw you over.  

**Note: It can be gratifying to point out every time they make a mistake and question all of the “knowledge” they try to instill in you. The know-it-all hates being asked “why?” and “how do you know?”

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