Kids’ Hilarious Photo Captures That Back-To-School Feeling

One family’s back-to-school photograph encapsulated the ups and downs of returning to school in the fall, but in a very tongue-in-cheek way.

Going back to school in the fall has its ups and downs for all students, but some are certainly more excited about the return to studying than others.

On Tuesday, a Reddit user posted a cute photograph of two boys wearing backpacks and getting ready to head out for their first day of school. One of the boys, however, was more than a little sour about the ordeal of having his picture taken before embarking on the new school year.

Both kids in the photo are holding signs which appear to be in stark contrast to each other.

The smiling young pupil on the left is proudly raising his sign which reads, “It’s my first day of kindergarten.” This boy’s humongous grin is absolutely adorable and he looks so excited to be leaving the house.

The sign being held by the scowling student on the right, however, reads “I hate school and I refused to hold a sign unless it said I hate school.” The sign is pretty funny in a deadpan sort of way, and he certainly flaunts an attitude to match. 


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