Walk On Water In A New Outdoor Installation In Italy

The 80-year-old artist Christo has once again resurrected a breathtaking outdoor installation. This time, he created a floating walkway on a small Italian lake.

The internationally-renowned land artist Christo recently unveiled his latest project in northern Italy. The installation marks his first large-scale sculpture in over eleven years.


The outdoor sculpture titled “The Floating Piers” is also the first major project Christo has completed since the death of his artistic partner and wife, Jeanne-Claude.

Telegraph reports that the couple developed the idea back in 1970 and had plans to install the piers in Japan and Argentina, but to no avail.

Christo likened the permission process to that of building a highway – a tremendous amount of red tape to process and compete against. But, he finally succeeded.

He devised this floating walkway connecting the islands of Monte Isola and San Paolo inside Lake Iseo to the mainland. The walkway will remain for sixteen days as a bridge for the 2,000 inhabitants of the small islands, which are usually accessed by boat.

italian lake

The bright golden path is reminiscent of the cinematic yellow brick road from “Wizard of Oz” which Dorothy traversed to reach Emerald City. 

land art


Photo credit: Reuters

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