6 Simple Ways You Can Overcome Procrastination

Do you keep putting off tasks you have to do? Or waste too much time doing them? Or do you just get distracted by other things? There’s a cure for you.

Overcome Procrastination

Everyone is familiar with the phenomenon of procrastination; it is not just the waiting and delaying of work, but a firm decision not to do anything.

Procrastinators may have deadlines looming over their heads but they end up wasting their time on trivial things like browsing social media apps, watching viral videos or just dilly dallying. They tend to idle away their time thinking they will somehow manage to work efficiently under pressure; they know they should be working but they just do not feel like working at all.

Dr. Joseph Ferrari, a leading international researcher of the phenomenon, has found that 20 percent of American men and women are chronic procrastinators. But he has a solution for it as well. “Today’s technology can help us not procrastinate if we use it wisely,” he says.

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Here is how we can mend our ways and become more proactive and productive:

Managing Time Effectively:

Overcome Procrastination

If people create estimates and make sure they managed time efficiently, the stress level decreases dramatically.

Knowing Our Weaknesses:

Overcome Procrastination

Identifying our weak points and overcoming them is almost half the battle won.

Changing Our Working Environment:

Overcome Procrastination

The environment has a huge impact on their working habits. Working in fresh, healthy and productive atmosphere like proper lighting, seating arrangement and lack of external disturbances, might help decrease the delays.

Starting Anywhere:

Overcome Procrastination

Too much planning and not enough action is another form of procrastination. If one feels the planning stage is taking too long, just jump-start.

Writing Things Down:

Overcome Procrastination

It is always good to write things down and making a to-do list before embarking on a project

Giving Rewards:

Overcome Procrastination

This study has actually found out that by forgiving themselves, people might actually feel better about the task and attempt it with a brand new enthusiasm.

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