The Ugly Truth Behind London Restaurants Seating Policies

These London restaurants prove their seating policies are discriminatory by relegating the less aesthetically pleasing customers to the back.

London Restaurant

A television program recently revealed how restaurants rank customers according to their appearance and place the good-looking ones in prominent places.

“Trick of the Restaurant Trade” conducted a research to find out how restaurants seat their customers and came to a surprising conclusion. The “best-looking” people are seated at the best spots like window seats to bring in more customers, while “ugly” people are hidden in the rear of the eatery.

The documentary sent in three models posing as customers to three different restaurants, and in each of these places they were given the “golden tables,” the best and most prominent seats.

However, when actor Adam Pearson, who suffers from a rare disfiguring disease, neurofibromatosis, entered the restaurant, he was sent to the very back of the room where hardly anyone could see him.

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TV chef and co-host of the show, Simon Rimmer, who owns his own chain of restaurants, says that this type of behavior is pretty routine in the restaurant business.

“Every restaurant has a golden table where they sit the best looking customers,” he states — which essentially means beautiful people attract more clientele but ugly people repel them.

These instances of aesthetic snobbery are not just found in London restaurants. Le Georges restaurant in Paris only employs hostesses with “model physiques” who are told off if they seat ugly customers at the front.

This just proves that restaurants have also jumped on the body-shaming band-wagon and value superficiality more than giving their customers the very best food experience.

“It's disappointing,” says the co-host of the documentary. “The next time you get sat at the back of the restaurant, now you know why.”

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