Man Swipes Right To Find Best Friend's Doppelganger On Dating App

These "twin strangers" look so alike that even the friend thought it was his pal using a fake name.

David Aronin, 25, was busy checking out prospective dates on the Jewish dating app JSwipe when he came across a profile that looked exactly like his best friend, Ilysse Ratner, 28.

Aronin was so convinced it was Ratner using a different name that he sent her a screenshot. Ratner was gobsmacked when she saw the woman, per perfect "twin stranger."

"When I looked at the photo I kept having to zoom in to see if it was me or not," Ratner says. The pair decided to contact Twin Strangers, a website dedicated to helping people find lookalikes, to see if she'd been catfished. But she was certain that she hadn't taken that picture of herself and insisted on looking into the profile further.

The resemblance was so uncanny that even Ratner's mother couldn't spot which one was her: "My mother is very upset that she had a very hard time figuring out which one was me."

Twin Strangers, who posted the picture on Facebook, discovered Ratner's doppelganger is fashion designer Veronique Hadjibay. And these twin strangers aren't far from each other: they both live in New York City.

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