Michelle Obama Unveils First Family’s Last White House Holiday Display

“This year’s holiday theme is the ‘Gift of the Holidays’ and as usual we will be celebrating our country’s greatest gifts with special decorations celebrating our military families,” said the first lady.

Michelle Obama unveiled the first family’s final Christmas decoration display and honored military families in the process.

Themed "The Gifts of the Holidays," the display is meant to "reflect on not only the joy of giving and receiving, but also the true gifts of life, such as service, friends and family, education and good health as we celebrate the holiday season," read a statement from the first lady.

The first lady talked about the fact that inviting military families was one of her favorite holiday traditions. She also honored and gave thanks to the ushers, florists, electricians, carpenters, chefs and calligraphers who worked so hard to make the White House ready in time for Christmas.

This year alone, the White House was decorated with 70,000 ornaments and 92 volunteers from 33 states spent countless hours bedecking the place.

The official gingerbread rendition of the White House was placed in the State Dining Room along with 56 gingerbread Lego houses, representing all states and territories of America — which the first lady assures the guests were 100 percent edible.

A giant U.S. flag installation was covered with pictures of the first family with military families. Ornaments and gold star hung from a Christmas tree to honor those who had given their lives for the protection of the country. There were also iPads available so that guests could send messages of love to troops stationed outside the country.

Around 68,000 guests are expected to visit the White House this holiday season.

To watch the splendor and listen to Obama’s moving speech, click the video above.

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