Model Dons Blackface On Instagram For Makeup Brand

Another tone-deaf social media post shows a white woman wearing blackface. The Instagram photo was for the cosmetics line Charlotte Tilbury Beauty.

Another day, another white person in blackface.

The cosmetics line Charlotte Tilbury Beauty featured model Angela Lindvall on Instagram in full blackface. Instagram followers have advised for several days that the should post be taken down for being racist, yet the offensive photo remains.

Models have been criticized for wearing blackface before, yet it keeps happening. Model Sophie Applegarth thought it would be cute for her and a friend to dress up as Venus and Serena Williams — in blackface.

The women took several pictures of themselves in blackface and captioned one of the photos, “Sports stars on a bender.” 

Social media users are often caught in blackface, like the Russian man below who thought it was OK to post cosplay photos in blackface.

The entertainment and cosmetic industries continuously make the misstep of putting people with light skin in dark make-up instead of using an individual with dark skin. The racist practice began in the mid- to late-19th century when white actors would wear dark make-up to play black roles. The stereotypical caricatures depicted black people as foolish and inferior, representing a time of extreme bigotry.

Despite frequent outrage, the practice still persists today, demonstrating our society hasn't come that far since the 1800s. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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