Study Proves Workplace Sexism Is Directly Related to Men's Ignorance

More than half of male workers think women's behavior in the office is dictated by their hormones, a survey reveals.

Gender discrimination in the workplace may often be overlooked, but its significant impacts do not stop staring us in the face. Although 2015 has been a great year for women empowerment and bridging the gap between the sexes, a recent study shows that the coming year must bring with it more improvements.

A survey conducted on 2,000 men and women by Expert Market, Europe’s leading B2B marketplace, revealed that more than half of the male workers surveyed associated women’s behavior at office with their hormones.

Although majority of the people surveyed called the gender discrimination was a myth, approximately 50% people believed that men and women have different capabilities when it comes to office work. Meanwhile, 86 percent believed that women being paid less than their male counterparts is absolutely wrong.

Interestingly, 63 percent of the men and women surveyed revealed that they did not believe in gender pay gap and that they had not witnessed any discrimination toward women at the workplace. Yet, 37 percent agreed to the fact that they had at some point considered whether a women would go on maternity leave when making hiring decision.

The convoluted results of the survey show that although many stereotypes regarding women ing the workplace are not considered as discriminatory, they eventually do have a significant impact on their chances of employment or better pay.

“The survey essentially shows that most people do not think there is much discrimination going on, but conflictingly, they do believe in damaging stereotypes such as that the women they work with make decisions due to their hormones,” said researcher Grace Garland. “It might appear harmless enough to say these things, but when these same people are making hiring and firing decisions, you have to believe it might impact who they select for a role or how they interact with their colleagues.”

One can only hope that the coming year will bring with it the eradication of stereotypes against different races, cultures and sexes, and authorities will be more open to all people having equal rights regardless of their religion, social class or sexuality.

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