The 5 Most Mysterious Things Found At Bottom of the Ocean

Want to explore an ancient underwater city? Or maybe a mysterious path?

The ocean is a mysterious place. Our fascination with it has only grown with time, as the things we learn about it only makes it even more interesting.

It's literally a treasure trove down there, and we don't just mean gold. Whether they belong there or not, the treasures of the sea, living or otherwise, still fascinate us. Here we have compiled some of the strangest and most incredible things recovered from the bottom of the sea.

Take a look:

The Baltic Sea Anomaly

In 2012, Ocean X Team, a Swedish-based diving group, made the most interesting find of their careers when they discovered a cylinder-shaped object while exploring the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea Anomaly is a mysterious structure lying over 250 feet below the surface. It rests on a pillar and seems to have a staircase leading down to a dark hole.

Its origins and functions are unknown, but certain people think it may well be of alien origins, a UFO or a crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft. Others are more pragmatic and suggest it's a remnant from World War II weaponry. 

The World’s First Computer

Recovered in 1900 from the shipwreck of Roman cargo ship Antikythera, the Antikythera mechanism was one of the most important finds of the 20th century. It's even called the world's first computer.

The highly complex mechanism, made up of up to 40 bronze cogs and gears, was used in ancient times to track the cycles of the solar system. The complex mechanical functions of the "computer" contributed to vast progress in mathematics and astronomy by the ancient Greeks.

Lost Ancient Egyptian City of Heracleion

Heracleion, also known as the city of Thonis, vanished beneath the Mediterranean around 1,200 years ago. It was discovered almost in its entirety during the last decade, submerged under 150 feet of water. Gold coins, 16 foot statues, as well as the remains of more than 64 ships have been discovered intact and preserved. What makes the city strange is that scientists and archeologists still do not know what caused the city to fall into the water. It was discovered in 2000.

Yonaguni Monument

The Yonaguni Monument is an underwater structure off the coast of Yonaguni, the southernmost of the Ryukyu Islands, in Japan. There is a debate about whether the site is completely natural, a natural site that has been modified, or is a man-made artifact. In the 1980s, local divers discovered a striking underwater rock formation off the southernmost point of the island. This so-called Yonaguni Pyramid has staircase-like terraces with flat sides and sharp corners. Whatever the history is, the patterns created are absolutely stunning.

Bimini Road

Off the coast of Bimini in the Bahamas lies an ancient stone formation submerged beneath crystal blue waters. The mysterious path makes many wonder if it is remnants of the mythical lost land of Atlantis. A mere 20 feet down in the blue waters off the coast, a stone path can be found; large, flat rocks cut at right angles, seemingly set purposefully in straight lines. Claims have been made for this feature being a wall, road, pier, breakwater, or other man-made structure.

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