Netflix Knows Exactly How To Turn Users Into Couch Potatoes

The most popular streaming website in the world has come up with a great solution for its subscribers’ show browsing woes.

The average person spends approximately 60 to 90 seconds looking for something to watch before giving up on his quest, says a new study by Netflix.

Netflix has long been praised for its recommendation system, which suggests a list of TV shows and movies based on your preferred genre and viewing history.

Yet nowadays, people generally browse through 10 to 20 titles before calling it quits, according to the findings, signifying users these days have a shorter attention span and less time for indulgence.

Researchers at the company believe if a person doesn’t find what he desires within a specific frame of time, he switches to watching live TV, surfing the Web or watching recorded programs.

“The user either finds something of interest [within the first 60 or 90 seconds] or the risk of the user abandoning our service increases substantially," Netflix's chief product officer Neil Hunt and the vice president of product innovation, Carlos Gomez-Uribe, wrote in a journal.

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To keep users’ attentions focused on its shows, Netflix is now revamping its website’s layout. The streaming site has invested considerable time and money on how to make their recommendations even better for the viewers.

“The personalized recommendations we offer members are central to the Netflix experience, helping people find something great to watch quickly and easily,” said the Netflix Media Center. “Netflix generates personalized recommendations for individual members involve identifying communities of other members with similar movie and TV show preferences, and then making recommendations based on what is popular within that community.”  

Previously Netflix analyzed data from within a specific subscriber geographical location. Now that Netflix is available in just about every country, it’s using global data to find what people with similar interest to a specific subscriber have viewed — the suggestions of a movie or TV show is based on that information.

The streaming site’s business is built on how long a subscriber is interested in viewing content, so providing only the most appropriate recommendations is the key to the company’s success.

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