Your Uber Ride Could Come With A Sheet Mask

Uber drivers can now stock their back seats with all sorts of things like snacks, mints, electronics, and even beauty products. So next time you're in an Uber check to see if your driver is offering up sheet masks.

When you're riding in the back of a Lyft or an Uber there’s plenty of ways to pass the time, like gazing out of the window as you ponder the meaning of life or scrolling through your social media accounts on your phone, but what about indulging in a little me-time while you get from point A to B? Well, thanks to Uber’s new partnership with Cargo you’ll get the chance to pamper yourself while on the move.

Cargo is a new startup that is stocking, snacks, electronic goodies as well as must-have beauty products in rideshare vehicles across the country. Now Uber riders all over will be able to sample a complimentary Labotica green tea sheet mask while heading to their destination.  A wave of the future!

How to score one of the masks is fairly easy. If the masks are available in your Uber all you have to do is open Cargo in your browser on your phone, type in the ID number that’s located on the Cargo console, select the mask, and check out. Then your driver will hand you your very own free mask! 


Here's a quick video to show both drivers and riders how to use the newest amenity.

Regardless if you decide to put the mask on right there in the car, or slip it in your purse to use in the comforts of your own home you’ll still walk away knowing that the splurge on an Uber was definitely worth it.  So be on the lookout for a sheet mask in your next ride!

Banner/thumbnail image credit: Pixaby user bridgesward

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