Teen Feels Like A 'Peasant' With Slashed $1000 Monthly Allowance

“I know I am a spoiled brat, but I enjoy the lifestyle, you know? People are going to hate on me, but they wish they were me.”

A teenager from Beverly Hills, California, is furious after her mother slashed her monthly allowance from $5,000 to $1,000 and claims she is forced to live like a “peasant.”

Nicolette Gray, 15, has lived a lavish life. She has her own credit card with zero limit and a closet full of designer wear including Gucci, Chanel and Céline. Her mother, Nina, realized that it was getting difficult for her to meet her daughter’s expenses and decided to cut down her monthly allowance.

Upset with the decision, Nicolette dragged her mother to the “Dr. Phil” show to put forward her demands. She said her mother should at least give her an allowance of $2,500 because she has “a certain lifestyle.”





“I want my mom to understand that I can't live off $1,000 a month, and I grew up on a certain lifestyle. She can't just take that away from me immediately. It's the only life I've ever known,” she said.

The girl continued, “Other people would have their moms drive them places, buy them food, make them food. But I have to do everything myself. And I need the funds for that.”

Nicolette added that she was always given whatever she wanted. She went to “amazing schools,” she had a driver, a nanny and personal trainers. Her mother can’t take it away from her because she is used to living that way, the teen argues.

“I feel like a peasant. I can't live like this anymore. I'm always out of money. If you ask me, I think my mom should be giving me at least $2,500 a month just to cover my basic expenses,” she said.

Nina admitted to the fact that she has spoiled her daughter but she saw that as a compensation to make it up for being a single mother who hardly has time to be at home with her daughter.

However, her expenses now are going out of hand, which is why she decided to cut down her allowance.

“Some months, her credit card bills would be $10K. I just paid the bill. In the past year, I’ve probably have given her $100,000, I don’t even keep track anymore,” Nina told Dr. Phil.

In a video, which was made for the show, Nicolette showed off her luxury designer bag collection. She said she has some $5,000 Chanel bags and her favorite is the Céline Micro Luggage Tote Bag, which cost about $3,000.

“I keep it on a chair because it's just so special. I literally think of it as my own child,” she said.

She then showed her $1,045 Valentino caged leather sandals with gold studs along with a Louis Vuitton Keepall. 

Nicolette added that her mother calls her a Beverly Hill brat and she knows she is but refuses to change. She also told Dr. Phil she wanted a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen for her 16thth birthday. That runs about $231,000.

Dr. Phil criticized Nina for her parenting because “overindulgence is a form of child abuse.”

Advice for the girl: She should step outside of her own world and peep into the real world to see what hardships people actually face.

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