Nonprofit Combats World Hunger One Hot Meal At A Time

While thousands of people around the world die due to malnutrition, one nonprofit is dealing with the issue a few hundred packages at a time.

A nonprofit group, Stop Hunger Now, has been working to end world hunger since 2006. In total the group has packed and sent out 245,608,717 meals to 73 countries.

On Saturday, in Nashville, Tennessee, a group of 500 volunteers came together at the Calvary United Methodist Church to pack meals for the cause.


The team, including music star Vince Gill, packed 100,000 meals to be sent out to developing countries around the world.

“You see a lot of these people around here trying to help their fellow man and doing what a lot of us should be doing to help our fellow man,” Gill said.

 “Our goal is to package 1.1 million meals this year in the community, and already the support in the community has been tremendous,” Stop Hunger President and CEO Rod Brooks said.

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Hunger around the world, especially in developing countries, is a huge problem. Around 12.9 percent of the population in countries like Bangladesh and India is undernourished, and a lack of nutrition leads to around 45% of the deaths in children under 5 years old.

Stop Hunger also allows people to donate to a wide variety of causes that go hand in hand with food insecurity. From solar lighting to clean water initiatives, medical consumables and school supplies, individuals can team up with the nonprofit to help the underprivileged. 

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