NRA’s Trigger-Happy Fairytales Are Sure To Ruin Your Childhood

The NRA’s re-imagining of fairytales with trigger-happy characters is the last thing children need to protect themselves.

NRA’s Trigger

The National Rifle Association has stolen two much-beloved fairytales of our youth and replaced their innocent characters with gun-toting “heroes.”

On their NRA Family website, the gun rights advocate has added re-imagined versions of “Little Red Riding Hood (Has A Gun)” and “Hansel and Gretel (Have Guns)” in an attempt to promote “responsible” gun use by showing how the characters in the fairytales could have avoided tragedy if only they had a firearm. And while the gun rights advocates call the stories “empowering,” gun control activists deem the series as “absolutely sick” and a blatant attempt to glorify gun culture.

Of course, neither the tales nor the NRA makes any mention of the hundreds of actual people who are harmed by the unintentional pressing of a trigger by a child.

The NRA’s “twist on those classic tales” is an insult to families impacted by more than 43 shooting incidents involving children under the age of 3 in 2015. Last year, over 265 people were accidently shot by kids.

Fairytales Hansel Gretel

We're scarcely three months into the year and already there have been at least 30 reports of shootings involving children under 12, including 7-year-old Devon Lofton of Englewood, Chicago, who shot himself with a handgun retrieved from a dresser drawer, and the 4-year-old son of Jamie Gilt, a gun rights advocate, who shot her through the back seat of her car.

However, the steadily increasing, accidental bloodshed has not dissuaded the NRA from posting revamped stories that will only encourage children to reach for a gun in an effort to save the day, so to speak, like the protagonists from the NRA stories. After all, how can a child be expected to use a gun safely and responsibly?

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