The Oddest Jobs At The Rio 2016 Olympics

Many of us can relate to working a job we don’t love. But anything is better than having to mop up someone’s sweat.

While athletes from around the world trained rigorously, preparing for the 2016 Olympics, there were some people who were practicing wiping up the floors in the shortest time possible. Yes, you read that right.

The Olympic Games is surely a big deal for athletes, the host country and attendees of the event, but for people employed at certain jobs, it can be the worst time of the year.

Considering the poor lifeguards for Olympic swimmers. A picture that rightly made its rounds on the internet captured just how a person waiting for an Olympic swimmer to drown might feel.


If that's not bad enough, there are others whose sole responsibility at the event is to wipe off athletes’ sweat from the game court.

There are even people present at the games known as “pool scuba divers” whose job is to go down into the pool and fix underwater cameras or fetch an athlete’s ring or earring that may have fallen off.

The worst job is probably held by the people forced to wear ponchos with arrows drawn on them that point toward a certain direction. It's unclear why the organizers didn't just use a pole instead of a person to do this job.

And last but not the least, one man known as Eric has been appointed at the games to go around distributing condoms to people at the event. Hey, at least he can say he's on the front lines of fighting Zika and STDs. The poor pole people don't even have that. 

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