Racist Twitter Trolls Slam Old Navy's Interracial Family

Far more important than the hate posted by racist Twitter trolls in response to Old Navy’s new ad was the reaction of the interracial couples. Have a look.


All Old Navy wanted to do was announce a big sale. But when Twitter trolls spotted the ad, the racist vitriol started spewing in response to Old Navy’s post.

It all started when the retail giant offered a 30% discount to its customers in a tweet, featuring a smiling interracial family.

It didn't take long for keyboard racists to attack the ad, with many “accusing” the company of promoting miscegenation, an archaic term used to define sexual relations or marriage between two people belonging to different races.





The backlash grew uglier as the trolls began using the hashtags #BoycottOldNavy and even #WhiteGenocide.

At one point, Old Navy even replied to an “outraged” Twitter user in order to understand the reason of their negative reaction to the new ad. The exchange ended as one would expect:

Racist Twitter Trolls

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Fortunately, the hate didn’t last long as interracial couples took to Twitter and defended Old Navy’s new ad with their inspiring stories and family photos.







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