This Might Be The Worst Ad For Plus-Sized Tights Ever

Here's some advice for companies selling plus-sized tights: Definitely don't use the product as a full-body cloak to demonstrate its size.

People are outraged over an e-commerce website for promoting tights for plus-sized women in the most cringe-inducing way ever. has a lot to learn about body-shaming before cashing in on plus-sized products. The store recently drew the ire of its customers after having slender models promoting tights meant for plus-sized women.

In a bizarre execution of their campaign, they showed thin models fitting their entire bodies in a pair of large tights.

The attempt, understandably, failed miserably and offended many people, and rightfully so.

The San Francisco-based online store is primarily an app that sells Chinese merchandise to American customers at lower prices.

The company was slammed by a large number of people on Twitter, all thanks to their tone-deaf promotional strategy.


 attempted to clear the air in a statement to HuffPost, but it doesn't exactly clear anything up.

“The products listed on Wish are sold by stores from all over the world, and these stores are in charge of their own inventories. Whatever information you see in the description is what we know about the product. If you place an order with a specific store you will then have the opportunity to contact that store directly for more information about the product.”

Note to the company selling those tights: Use plus-sized models to sell products that are meant for them. Body-shaming women before imploring them to buy your stuff, is not exactly the right way to market products.

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