Organic Valley Trolls NYC Coffee Snobs With Hilarious Prank

New Yorkers love coffee and they’re surely not afraid of showing it - making them the perfect victims for an Organic Valley experiment.

A cooperative of farmers, Organic Valley, just made New Yorkers practically express their love for coffee as they set up an epic stunt and silently observed from behind the scenes.

The commercial just goes to show that all it takes to sell coffee in New York is a tiny storefront and hip neighborhood. The video shows Organic Valley farmer Gerrit van Tol explaining what will be needed before opening up a coffee shop.

“People who love a rich and creamy cup of joe have been using Organic Valley Half & Half to make the best cup of coffee for over 20 years,” explains van Tol. “But at most coffee shops you have no idea what kind of cream you’re pouring into your coffee, or if it’s even organic. It just made sense that we should have our own coffee shop that focuses on what we believe is the most important ingredient.”

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“The secret to a great cup of coffee is our pasteurized cows,” he adds, basically implying that the most important ingredient in a good cup of coffee is good milk.

The fake pop-up boutique set up in the commercial has people rolling in as soon as it becomes open to customers, and they do not think twice before rolling out  money to treat themselves to a warm drink.

"It's pretty obvious coffee culture has become a parody of itself, considering how seriously it takes itself," says David Littlejohn, creative chief at creative agency, Humanaut, which crafted the campaign.

The concept of a coffee shop serving only half & half did well in the trial run, and so Organic Valley is considering it for a serious business plan in the future. Considering how much a good cup of coffee means to New Yorkers, there is no reason why the plan should not be pursued.

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