No Oxford Dictionary, Feminists Are Not Rabid

And wives don't just do all the housework and nagging.

When Michael Oman-Reagan wanted to confirm the definition of the word rabid, he decided what many of us would do: Look up the word in Oxford Dictionary.

He was in for a not-so-pleasant surprise. The dictionary never left the pre-women's liberation era, it seems.

“I thought that was so outdated and strange, like something you might have said 30 years ago, so I shared it.”

When Oman-Reagan's tweet started to amass substantial attention, the official account for Oxford Dictionary tweeted out this weak defense.

It did not go down well with many people.

Oman-Reagan also shared some other definitions that show how the dictionary still has a long way to in terms of evolving gender norms.

The definition of housework limits the task to women only.

This definition of nagging died out with frosted lipstick.

Oxford Dictionary's reps argued that "rabid" doesn't always have negative connotations.

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