Why Pizza Hut Sucks These Days

The famous red roof is guilty of committing major pizza crimes.

Pizza Hut brings memories of that familiar red roof and childhood visits for a pie for many people. But what was once everyone’s favorite family outing is now living in a mere shadow of its former self.

Pizza Hut has more than 6,000 restaurants in the U.S., as well as 5,000-plus others around the world in 94 countries. That’s a lot of red roofs that have appeared since the business began some 50 years ago.

Pizza is cheese, sauce and love in the form of a pie, originally from the land where food loving is equated to patriotism – Italy. And the Italians have a commonly used phrase non si fa, which roughly translates into "it ought not to be," used in instances when something incorrect or wrong happens.

So basically, Pizza Hut has committed a series of non si fas as they have branched out into the world, making use of rather odd ingredients as toppings.

South Korea

This clip is advertising what’s called Star Edge Pizza, which has shrimp, calamari, sausage, bacon and steak – along with stir fry vegetables such as broccoli. If that wasn’t enough to stir up an appetite, the crust is your desert, filled with cheese and either cranberries or apples. Also, it’s SUPER expensive at $32 per pie.

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The Middle East

Give credit where credit it's due, at least: Pizza Hut got creative with this ad, even if they went over the top with their pizza toppings. It goes pretty much like this.

So this Arab walks into a Pizza Hut and says “I can haz cheeseburger?” And the waiter says “Yes, absolutely!” Cue Pizza Hut Crown Crust Burger musical parade and voila, a pizza and a cheeseburger have joined forced so you can clog up your arteries even more.


Forget cheese, because apparently the Japanese would want to eat a pizza with mayonnaise instead! The Shrimp and Mayo Crust Roll makes use of shrimp nuggets and well – mayonnaise. On a pizza. Oh, Pizza Hut. 



Most recently, Pizza Hut decided to go Down Under they introduced the very Australian, very acquired taste of vegemite into their pizza. Most people are not Australian, nor are they crazy about vegemite, sadly.



This Mac ‘n Cheese pizza special is just waaaay too cheesy.

United Kingdom


The English consider their Cadbury Crème Eggs quite sacred, and Pizza Hut UK decided to experiment with little Easter eggs this year as part of an Easter special.

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And, saving the best for last is when the franchise took a step back in time to trace its roots.

Last year, Pizza Hut bravely released this honest advertisement as part of their #FlavorOfNow campaign, asking real Italians what they thought of their pizzas. They were not impressed but Pizza Hut was a good sport about it.

Pizza Hut will probably always exist – at least in our fondest memories – like cassette players and VCRs. But it looks like we’re running out of our taste for this brand of pizza.

At least, there will always be the salad bar and bread sticks, if nothing else.

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