Can’t Find The Right Word? It’s Not Dementia, It’s Something Else

A rare kind of aphasia, which might affect thousands of people across the United States, can be confused with early onset Alzheimer’s.

A neurological disorder that leaves people blabbering, stuttering and seemingly unable to find the right word has largely gone unnoticed due to its similarities with dementia and other brain syndromes.

Primary progressive aphasia, which is a rare kind of aphasia, does not rob patients of their memories. Instead, it robs them of their words. Abbreviated as PPA, it is initially experienced as difficulty in thinking of common words while speaking or writing. It then worsens to the point where verbal communication by any means is very difficult.

However, researchers are now trying to find better ways of diagnosing the syndrome, which often goes unnoticed until it’s too late.

Watch the video above to find out more about this mystery brain syndrome that leaves people in verbal lockdown.

Banner / Thumbnail : Pixabay / geralt

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