Why Are Fashionistas Bringing Back This Disturbing Trend?

Once considered a taboo fashion item, real fur has slowly crept back into the wardrobes, sparking a backlash from animal rights campaigners and activists.

Fashion seems to be falling back in love with the real fur.

It may have started out with coat underlining and bobble heads, but real fur has slowly taken over the fashion scene. In fact, the sales of stoles, scarves and overalls made from authentic animal pelts have increased tremendously over the past decade or so.

The spike in the trend can be attributed to social media, where fashion enthusiasts and popular bloggers not only boast about their love of wearing genuine fur, but also guide their followers to online retailers who deal in the authentic wear, ignoring all issues of animal cruelty in fur use.


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“Wearing real fur is a very personal thing,” 24-year-old fashion blogger Louise Tsang told the Daily Mail. “It expresses one’s feelings in terms of an individual’s sense of style and their outlook on fashion.”

She believes the fur trend became a snowball effect “where people wanted more and more real fur.”

“I truly respect those individuals who kindly share their passion for real furs because it is an area within society that is shunned,” she added. “A while back I posted a picture on Instagram of a super cute poncho in rabbit fur and one account holder made very negative comments about it.”

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The resurgence of fur appears to be fuelled by the fashion industry's newfound acceptance of the material after years of avoiding it. As a research by the International Fur Federation claims, more than 60 percent of the high-end designers used real fur in their winter 2016 collection. Similarly, the autumn/winter collections from many of the high-end fashion houses in 2015 featured the material, making it a fashion symbol.

As expected, the visible increase in the trend, especially on social media, has sparked backlash from animal rights campaigners and well, those who consider themselves moral human beings.

“Furriers and their few fans are trying to create a trend that belies reality, and most people are rolling their eyes at the very idea that being ignorant, arrogant and cruel is anything to boast about,” said Mimi Bekhechi, the director of the U.K.’s PETA arm. “Showing yourself dressed up in the skins of dead animals seems like a rather desperate bid for attention for your failed business, as there is nothing stylish or creative about looking like a caveperson.”

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