5 Reasons Why We’re Tired Of Frozen's Queen Elsa

We don’t believe you when you say “the cold never bothered me anyway.” The cold is awful – and so is the never-ending Frozen franchise.

frozen elsa anna snow

It’s barely been a year since Disney’s return to music induced migraines with the release of Frozen.

Far too many obsessions, inspired by the Frozen epidemic have come about. It’s time that winter stops coming and fanatics responsible for all of the never-ending franchise(s) take Queen Elsa’s cue and “Let It Go” already!

Here are the most annoying Frozen-inspired things about Frozen and its winter wonderland – which as it turns out – seem to be all about the Snow Queen herself.  

1) Elsa’s makeup


With tag lines like “do you want to build the perfect manicure,” Disney just recently launched a line of Frozen inspired make-up, with shimmery “Elegant Ice” eye shadows and nail polishes with apt titles such as “Frozen Queen” and “Miss Royal Pants.” For all the make-up tutorials out there, this must be a bummer.

2) Elsa’s family controversy


If someone isn’t trying to sue Disney for stealing their life story, it’s the amount of times we’ve heard about how Elsa and Anna’s parents are actually Tarzan’s mother, their ship which sunk was the same ship in The Little Mermaid, or Rapunzel was their cousin, which means they’re also related to Flynn Ryder. We get it, Disney is one big happy family!

3) Elsa’s dress

Frozen was popular this year.


​Yes, it’s really pretty. But how many times are little girls going to want to be this princess? We now even have an Elsa-inspired wedding dress, which is ideal because Disney fans happen to  look forward to true love. But, sometimes, just sometimes, it feels like the many little girls dressed up as the Frozen queen are making an army of Elsas.  

4) Elsa’s name

elsa most popular baby name

Notice a trend yet? Yep, Elsa is considered the 75th most popular baby name this year.

5) Elsa’s voice: no one really understands the concept of Let.It.Go.

elsa let it go

Frozen songs have inspired everyone and anything from Movemberdrugs, canines and video bombing dads – it is literally coming out of our noses now!

Unfortunately, chances of the Frozen madness coming to an end are slim, knowing how much it’s loved. Idina Menzel mistakenly spoke about a sequel which, as it turns out, is not official yet. There is a confirmed short animation, Frozen Fever, expected to be released in 2015. Hopefully it will be as short lived as Tangled Ever After. 


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