No High-Fives Or Best Friends: People Share Dumb School Rules

While some students aren't allowed to have best friends because others would feel left out, another school doesn't allow kids to high-five one another.

Kids go to school for more than academic learning. They also learn the rules of society, how to share, how to cooperate, how to appropriately stand up for yourself and so on. Unfortunately, many also learn that some rules are just ridiculous abuses of power or overreactions to nothing.

A thread on Reddit asked users to share some of the worst school rules they knew of, and the comments received are actually bizarre.

While one school banned the word “boring,” another required their students to replace “bullets” with “nuggets.” So while making a list in a word document, they were supposed to use “nugget points” in place of “bullet points.”

One school implemented the “it takes two to tango rule” which meant that if any one student initiated a fight, everybody would get punished.

“I learned that the 'two to tango' rule just means hit the bully really hard since you're getting the same punishment.

"In 7th grade, a kid who loved wrestling and also bullying me decided to put me in the 'tazmission' and try to choke me unconscious. I elbowed him in the face and gave him a bloody nose. I got detention and he got suspended.

"On the plus side, he didn't bully me after that,” a Reddit user replied.

CheminsDeFer chimed in with a rather unbelievable rule in an era when everyone's a winner — or so we teach our children. “You're not allowed to have a best friend, because then people that aren't your best friend will be left out and excluded,” he wrote.

“No sitting on the floor within the building. We had like three benches total in a school with 800 people,” another person wrote.

“There was a $70 fine for every time somebody used a swear word. So we all started swearing and it got to the point where it was a ridiculous amount of money that they could never rationally expect anyone to pay. Rule was gone in two months,” a Reddit users going by the name of “iprobablywontknow” commented.

Although the thread attracted a lot of hilarious comments that talked of really weird rules, this one certainly deserves the winning prize.

“My old high school locked all of the toilets during classes. If you wanted to go to the toilet during class, you had to go down to the office, sign a register and use the staff toilet. It was so kids wouldn't hide in the toilets to skip class, which was fair enough, but making everyone sign a register was just some weird power trip,” wrote on woman, narrating an instance of the time her teacher called her mother because she had used the toilet during class three times that week. Needless to say, the conversation was extremely awkward and ended with her mom laughing at the teacher.

The hilarious thread just went to show that kids all over the world take the phrase “rules are meant to be broken” to heart. And why not with dumb rules like these on the books?

Rebellion is the exact response one would expect from students who are hemmed in by irrational rules. Having best friends, high-fiving classmates and sitting around school are just few of the things any youngster would do. It's hard to imagine the kind of adults who want to regulate against these things. 

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