Reddit’s 10 Best Tips On How Men Can Be More Attractive To Women

On Reddit today, a massive thread launched discussing the things men can do to look more attractive.

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On Reddit today, users launched a thread discussing the things men can do to look more attractive. The Responses range from blatantly obvious to completely brilliant. Here are the 10 best tips given on how men can be more attractive to women.


A good tip for holding a good posture while walking: Walk like you are wearing a cape.


This is a fine line. Be confident but not arrogant. The difference is not acting like a jerk. Walk into places like you own them but be the friendliest and most outstanding person there. Women will notice.


B.O. is bad. Excessive Axe / Lynx is almost as bad.

- Sir_Didymus

Become an expert in something you love. Try new things every day. Always be positive.


It helps if you don't cross your arms and keep your hands out of your pockets (at least not both at the same time). Definitely don't put both hands in the same pocket.


Going to the gym will not only make you feel better about yourself, but you will look better and feel more confidence with a nicer body.


Don't complain or worry outloud. It's negative and unattractive and people will associate those traits with you.


- Make others feel GOOD about themselves. Ask them questions about THEIR life. Ask them what THEY like. Ask them how THEIR day is. All girls want to do is be heard. After they answer you, tell them your opinion on it. However, don't ever try to 1-up them.


Clean fingernails. It is normally one of the first indicators of how hygienic a person you are.


Dead lifting: the new (and manlier) style of Yoga.



So there you have it. It seems the general consensus for men looking to attract women is to practice good hygiene, stand up straight, make eye contact, speak about passions, and do more dead lifts.

What are your tips for guys looking to attract women? Let us know.

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