Renters Share Their Household Horror Stories With #VentYourRent

Renters paying absurd prices to live in disturbing conditions are shaming their landlords and the housing market by telling their stories through #VentYourRent.

Housing Crisis

Generation Rent has started a new Twitter and Tumblr trend appropriately titled #VentYourRent in which London residents post photos describing and depicting horror stories from their experiences as renters.

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You name it, someone has dealt with it, including rodents, mold, terrible roommates, outlandish rent prices and much more.

The outcry comes just before London's mayoral election with residents seeking a mayor who will take heed to their plight and help to improve their quality of life.

“The candidates for Mayor describe London as the greatest city on Earth, but as long as growing numbers of people are paying huge sums to live in squalor, they'll have a lot of work to do to make that a reality," Generation Rent's Policy Manager Dan Wilson Craw reportedly told the Evening Standard.

Unfortunately, this isn’t just an isolated issue for London but a problem that resonates with many young renters in Western countries.

It wasn’t long before U.S. renters were joining the conversation to share stories very similar to those of the folks across the pond.

Gentrification is a major contributor to the issues these renters are facing. In addition to its effect on the culture of a city or neighborhood, it also directly impacts rising rent prices and property values. 

As a result, young and low-income renters are being displaced and it is increasingly difficult to afford a place without multiple roommates. 

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These residents are forced to pay more to live in slum-like conditions simply because the city or neighborhood in which they live is considered desirable to the wealthy.

Is this fair? Absolutely not, which is why those who are participating in #VentYourRent are making sure their local officials hear the voices of the forgotten. 

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @GenRentUK

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