Resourceful College Student Spends Two Years Living In A Pickup Truck

A college senior didn't have to worry about paying rent while trying to pursue his studies because he chose to live in the bed of his pickup truck for two years.

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The story of the struggling college student scuffling to make ends meet is one that resonates with many; however, one University of Utah student has cut the burden of room and board costs by living in his truck.

Robert Howell, an architecture student, told local reporters: “…It never made sense to have a place I was never at just to sleep and the back of my truck was just what I needed.”

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Howell has been so immersed in his studies that he rarely leaves the architecture lab so, instead of worrying about paying rent somewhere he hardly ever sees, he’s spent the last two years residing in his pickup truck.

"That's my bedroom, that's my living room, that's everything to me,” Howell said of the bed of his white Toyota Tacoma.

Aside from saving quite a few pretty pennies, Howell appreciates the convenience of his living situation.

"It's made me realize how much you actually don't need, you know? I just have a five-minute walk to school, so I can wake up just before my classes and then head to class,” he said.

When he did miss the comforts of an actual bed and spacious home, he said he would go to his parents’ house on weekends but he never felt like his truck was inadequate.

"I had it down to a science. I had a shower up in the gym and usually free food on campus if you keep your ear to the ground," he said.

Howell is prepared to graduate this year and plans to attend graduate school in Vancouver, Canada where he said he will spring for an apartment, but he will cherish the memories of his unconventional living arrangement until he starts his own family.

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“It'll be a great story to tell my kids someday,” he said. “When they come complaining for money, I'll say ‘I slept in the back of my truck for two years!'”

Banner Photo Credit: Facebook video screenshot/Alex Cabrero

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