Restaurant Takes Jab At Trump's Immigration Policies On Every Bill

The Sunset Junction Coffee Shop in Los Angeles is taking a stand against President Donald Trump's immigration policies in a creative way.

In the wake of President Donald Trump’s policies to limit immigration into the United States, many people have expressed their support and gratitude for what immigrants have done for this country. In Los Angeles, Sunset Junction coffee shop is standing in solidarity with immigrants in a subtle but powerful way. 

When journalist Sophie Headwood dined at the coffee shop, she noticed this defiant message on her receipt: "Immigrants make America great... and cooked and served your food." 

Sophie posted her receipt on her Twitter profile with the caption, "am in a restaurant in LA where they write 'immigrants make America great' on every bill."



The receipt is clearly taking a dig at Trump’s campaign slogan, "Make America Great again."  The Sunset Junction coffee shop is showing their patrons — one receipt at a time — that they do not agree with the president’s extreme stance on immigration and are making sure their voice is heard.

Banner/thumbnail image credit:Flickr, user Lars Plougmann

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