Rich Kids Of Britain Show Off Their Outrageously Luxurious Lives

Oversharing has become a norm in the day of the internet. But these rich kids have a lot more to share than the average Joe.

While an average internet user is more than happy to share everything from their breakfast to a parking ticket online, the rich and privileged have a lot more fancies to display: jet set lives, luxurious hobbies, home theaters and even a lake of their own.

The following are just a few examples:

Public transport or an average sedan? Nah!






And how else to spend free time but to lounge around relaxing:






Or shopping, of course:






And when all else fails, there is nothing better than going on a trip:





The Instagram account, which has more than 84,000 followers, displays the enviable lives of British richest teens as they show off their fortune online.

The term "Rich Kids Of Instagram" has almost become a universal phenomenon of this century.

It all started in 2012 with a blog called “Rich Kids of Instagram” on microblogging and social media website Tumblr.

The platform generated a lot of controversy with many people saying it was an inappropriate way of flaunting wealth. Some even called on Tumblr to take it down.

However, it's an inside look at the insanely lavish and apparently carefree lives of kids who have unlimited money. 

But this oversharing, like excess of any sort, is bound to have negative effects.

Apart from making others feel bad and lament their lack of resources, this habit can also come and bite them in their own hind sides.

Not long ago, tax investigators used such accounts to monitor the ultra rich and their excesses and needless to say the kids gave away all the information about the planes and villas and estates that their parents kept hidden from tax authorities.

Voila! A bunch of people had much to answer for.

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