Rolls-Royce Redefines Luxury Cars With Its New Self-Driving Vehicle

Self-driving cars might not be a new concept to most people around the world, but Rolls-Royce has just proven that they can do it better than anyone else.

Since it is the age of self-driving vehicles, Rolls-Royce has also jumped on the bandwagon and unveiled its first car to take over the wheel.

Needless to say, all the other self-driving cars are nowhere comparable to this luxury vehicle, although they are much cheaper.

The vehicle, known as the Rolls-Royce 103 EX, is around 20 feet long with a single door leading into an interior that will totally make you want to give up your home and live inside it. The seats have been replaced with a spacious couch that absolutely makes anyone sitting inside feel like royalty. The vehicle itself is so sleek and well-designed that it almost seems too good to be true.

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The new Rolls-Royce is an electric car that has a self-stowing luggage compartment. It doesn’t hold a steering wheel or dashboard in between since those are now things of the past.

The futuristic car also has a large internal display that has semi-luminescent specs forming various patterns swirling around. Apparently, it is an artificial intelligence called Eleanor that, according to Rolls-Royce, also has a “soul.”

“In a future where transport is commoditized — void of beauty, space and form — Rolls-Royce will stand apart,” the company said on the car’s webpage.

Check out the luxurious car in the video above.

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters 

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