This Facebook Royal Wedding Quiz Could Be A Security Risk

The quiz requires users to share personal data that may be used to gain access to your social media and work email.

As the royal wedding inches closer, apps and websites are producing a whole lot of content on the union; from articles speculating the dress Meghan Markle will wear to the wedding to quizzes ascertaining whether you are more Kate or Meghan.

The one thing that could really dampen your excitement to watch the wedding is the risk of potential identity theft, and it may directly be linked to the Royal Wedding content.

A quiz doing the rounds on Facebook, a website notorious for selling its users’ personal information, imagines a royal guest name for those who take the quiz.

The quiz cooks up a name by asking you your grandparent’s name, the name of your first pet, and the name of your street. Do these questions sound familiar? As some hawk-eyed social media users noted, the questions sound eerily like the security questions many websites require users to answer to log in. The quiz may as well have asked for your mother’s maiden name.

A professional white hat hacker, whom Huffington Post has identified only with her Twitter handle, Snow, has warned Facebook users against taking the quiz.


“It could be used to gain access to accounts (social media, banking, work email, etc) with potential for identity theft,” said Snow, who works with clients to better understand their security vulnerabilities. The quiz may be used for these purposes even if the creator did not intend so.

Pete Voss, a spokesperson for Facebook said that Facebook does not rely on security questions. However, the quiz takers’ security on other platforms may be compromised due to this quiz and has promised to remove it from Facebook.

Meanwhile, it is important for customers to be more vigilant of the information they share online.

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