Ryan Reynolds Slams The Myth That Women Don’t Love Superhero Movies

Ryan Reynolds defies gender stereotypes while talking about “Deadpool,” explaining what drives women to watch comic book movies.

Comic books, and the movies they inspire, aren't a man's world. And Ryan Reynolds, for one, thinks it's time people stop stereotyping comic fans.

Reynolds' new movie “Deadpool” has captured the interest of all sorts of fans, and he took an interviewer to task for suggesting women only watch superhero movies because of good looking stars — while admitting it's something he was surprised about as well during filming. 

"I think we have a couple of female characters that usurp some of the usual norms of superhero movies ... What's weird is that in the early tests of the film that we did women were really crazy about the movie and that was kind of surprising to us," Reynolds said. "

And ... women love f*cking superhero movies! Clearly they go to these movies. It's sort of funny that studios are sort of the last to know that ... I think the action and the humor is what appeals to women, you know, the same thing.”

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It's the same with romantic comedies, which are often marketed to women, but have a male audience base as well.

Statements like these are simply pre-conceived notions, but thousands of people are working on breaking stereotypes and defying the norms.

The film industry has lately seen a lot of criticism in regard to sexism, where the rights of female actors have remained unprotected. Recently, Hollywood producer Ross Putman set up a Twitter account to share some of the sexist descriptions of females used in scripts. Actors such as Jennifer Lawrence are also speaking about gender pay gap and other such issues, striving for equality in the film industry.

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