Saudi Arabia Reaches Unprecedented Heat Record

The U.K. is reporting record breaking heat this summer, but its temperature cannot match that of Saudi Arabia’s.

Even desert reptiles — cold-blooded animals biologically engineered to go toward heat — can’t bear the scorching weather in Saudi Arabia, where temperatures are expected to climb over 122F (50C).

Saudi Arabia and other parts of the Middle East are likely to get hotter days ahead after the General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection reported a scalding heat wave in the eastern and northeastern parts of the KSA.

Reports from various parts of the countries show the intense heat is enough to make an egg-and-tea breakfast outside without the use of a stove and to boil gasoline within the fuel tanks — something that can result in disastrous, if not tragic, consequences.

The port of Dammam witnessed the deaths of thousands of fish after they were killed and washed ashore due to the heat.

The heat wave reached such heights that the Solar Impulse 2, the solar, zero-fuel plane, suffered a delay in its final leg of the round-the-world-trip, due to fears it would damage its solar panels.

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