School Bans Students From Dating To Prevent Unplanned Pregnancies

A school in the Philippines has implemented a ban against its students engaging in romantic relationships in an effort to prevent unplanned pregnancies.

school bans dating

Most can attest to being taught abstinence in school as a means to curb teen pregnancy and the transmission of sexually contracted diseases; however, one educational institution in the Philippines has taken a more drastic approach.

Golden Heritage Polytechnic College located in Cagayan de Oro City has prohibited its students from dating by implementing a “true love waits” policy, Mashable reports.

The school’s president, Capt. Tito Dichosa, thinks it's in the best interest of the students to ban them from engaging in romantic relationships while enrolled in the school.

He reportedly said his frustration comes from too many students getting pregnant and dropping out of school.

As a constant reminder, a bright yellow sign that reads, “Love affair will surely destroy the life of a young lady student therefore this institution prohibit intimate relationship between a male & female students,” greets members of the Golden Heritage community upon entering the campus.

The message is also reportedly printed on all teachers’ uniforms. Six students were expelled last school term for disobeying the policy.

This ban is problematic for several reasons, including the incredibly ironic fact that it only applies to heterosexual relationships.

The school is either anti-gay and refuses to acknowledge homosexuality by ignoring it, or the administration is okay with same-sex relationships because they can’t produce a pregnancy.

It’s foolish to expect classmates and friends not to get involved romantically with each other. Furthermore, how can this even be enforced?

Couples can pretend to be single while at school but carry on their relations off campus. Students who attend the school can also have romantic partners who don’t. In either of those scenarios, the policy is technically being followed, but the risk of pregnancy still exists.

The number of expelled students is sure to rise as long as such a restrictive measure is in place, which is counterproductive to the extreme effort to keep them in school. 

The “true love waits” agenda that the school is pushing completely ignores the many successful families and marriages that came about after two people fell in love while attending school together.

President Dichosa may have decent intentions by trying to cut down the school’s dropout rate due to unplanned pregnancies, but this is not the way to solve the issue.

Making birth control easily accessible and better educating students on using contraception might make for a more effective strategy. 

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