Study Reveals Why Attractive Men Are Full Of Themselves

There is a fairly rational reasoning behind good looking guys' overconfidence.

Attractive Men

Science may have found an evolutionary answer for why most attractive men are full of themselves.

A study published in Evolutionary Psychology proves that good looking males are indeed less altruistic than those who aren't as easy on the eyes. However, it also claims that this specific attitude isn’t entirely their fault.

The paper, published by researchers at Brunel University, London, establishes that physically attractive males are usually overconfident and think highly of themselves because they don’t feel the need to obey social norms or treat others as their equal. It’s simply because they don’t have to make an effort to get recognition or popularity in society – their physical beauty does that for them.

Researchers conducted a number of experiments to back up this study.

They recruited 125 university students (63 men and 62 women), created their 3D body models, and asked the participants to rate the "attractiveness" of these models.

The researchers also made everyone take a set of tests to determine how they would share money, how sensitive they were to the idea of equality and conducted tests to measure their political leaning (socialism vs. capitalism).

The results found that on average, women are more egalitarian than men – i.e. they promote equality and obey norms of the society. Men, however, don’t view others as their equal. The ones observed as more egalitarian also were less attractive.

The abstract of the study reads:

 “Ancestrally, relatively attractive individuals and relatively formidable males may have had reduced incentives to be egalitarian (i.e., to act in accordance with norms promoting social equality). If selection calibrated one’s egalitarianism to one’s attractiveness/formidability, then such people may exhibit reduced egalitarianism and be perceived by others as less egalitarian in modern environments.”

The scientists say that they still have to conduct more experiments in order to give an ideal conclusion.

“The correlation we found between attractiveness and selfishness attitudes in men was nowhere close to being perfect,” said co-author Michael Price, a psychology professor at Brunel University. “Therefore, we should not be surprised if we encounter many men who are very unattractive and very selfish, as well as many men who are very attractive and very altruistic and egalitarian.”

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